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Weaving Our Histories Workshop

Weaving Our Histories is a traveling series of workshops and growing installation by Ashley Clarke, Amira Green, Lenora Knowles, and Tannaz Motevalli that explores ways of confronting systemic violence through collective fiber art-making processes. Throughout history, women of color have engaged in certain group fibers practices. These practices facilitated the building of collective consciousness and provided important opportunities to share oral histories. As labors of love, their fibers making was laden with notions of healing—a holistic healing process for liberation that necessitates the engagement and transformation of all parts of society. Inspired by these practices, Weaving Our Histories is an opportunity to reflect on, introduce, and invite others to grapple with us on the meaning of healing, movement-building, freedom, education, history, and knowledge. 

In each workshop, participants engage in a text based meditation, in-depth conversations on the realities of systemic oppression and violence in this country, and explore the possibilities and necessities of healing through group art-making using various fiber techniques. 

These circles begin with women of color because that is our own radical subjectivity and experience. However, we realize that violence in the form of systems of oppression, work to dehumanize us all —therefore the participation and terms of these circles can and should change depending on the context and community. Both healing and art making should be simultaneously individual and collective but only when it is understood individually can the collective be achieved. We can only work together to change the circumstances of violence if we’ve each had enough time to fully understand our own needs and experiences as wholly subjective individuals. 

This collective art practice and project facilitates a process of self-preservation, self and communal healing and liberation. 

Violence: systemic violence; “mass harm” We live in a failed society in which white supremacy, global capital, patriarchy, xenophobia, and other systems of power that continue to dehumanize people of color, women, lgbtq, poor people, immigrants and other people whose existence is othered by the status quo. 

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