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Founding the Public School

Founding the Public School is a workshop exploring the complex history of public education in the United States. Is public education a pathway to social equality or is public education a means of reproducing the status quo? Why have schools been the site of intense battles for economic and racial justice? What is the connection between education and freedom? Coming out our study of W.E.B. Du Bois's Black Reconstruction, this workshop beings with a look at the chapter entitled, "Founding the Public School." Utilizing Du Bois's racial and class analysis, we will interrogate the obvious and not so obvious relationship between public education and the economy. Finally, we will consider how understanding the making of the public education sheds light on the unmaking of public education today and the role that pedagogy serves in transformative social movement building.

Who is this workshop for?
This Workshop is intended for educators, students, organizers, activists, and anyone who is interested in public education with dignity and the role of pedagogy in social change. As a compulsory institution, we have all had some experience with the education system, public or private, whether as students, teachers, and/or parents and can speak to these complex issues. Please join us for a lively discussion.

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