Our Pedagogy

As a transformative school, Oak Hill experiences the process of co-collaborative knowledge creation through seven domains: leadership, arts and culture, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social/collective, and somatic/physical.

Oak Hill Pedagogical Principles:

  • Aim to identify and connect cultural leaders within different economic sectors and work to better understand the history, the political landscape, and aesthetic discourses that define those economies in which we participate.

  • Understand the origins and motives of our current economic system.

  • Support and expand upon networks of people already doing good work to eliminate social and economic inequality...work together to construct and share knowledge within these networks.

  • Education is not a one-sided process, in which teacher informs student and student is then learned. The creation of knowledge is a collaboration between student and educator—it takes place between them—it is the instance when this dynamic is broken down, when each is playing the role of student and teacher in perpetual motion.

Pedagogical Strategies:

Leadership - group-centered/collective; train-the-trainers

Human Rights - economic, social, political, cultural, spiritual, ecological, across differences

Social/Collective - relationships; interconnectedness; networks; dialogue

Art/Culture - Interculturality; story; creation; creativity; song; dance

Intellectual - critical consciousness; study; research; reflection; scholarship

Mindfulness - deeper cosmic connection; wisdom; contemplative practices; ritual

Emotional - self-awareness; care; loving-kindness; compassion; generosity

Physical - fun; joy; body health; sport; food

Values - sanctity of all life; love; human right